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You are the owner of a successful hat store. But your stock is somewhat... limited.

It's one. Your store only has one hat for sale. In order to rake in the Big Bucks, the hat must be... repossessed after each sale. Obviously, the customers won't be too happy if they find out. Sneak into their houses at night to ensure you maintain consistent profits. Make sure to avoid getting seen by security cameras or the customers themselves! Now, let's get some capital!

Made for the Game Makers Toolkit Game Jam 2019! The theme is "Only One." Game was made by myself (Vincent) and Kate Briggs (katebrigsg.itch.io). 

All of the 3D art is original and made during the jam. The following external assets were used:


Music from Mega Game Music Collection

Several sprites from Pixabay

Particle textures from Cartoon Effects Free



LateStageCap-italism.zip 26 MB

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