Top frog is a local multiplayer, physics-based fighting game. Play as a frog and swing from branch to branch (not so) majestically, and defeat your opponent using the sword. There's only one sword between the players though, so be quick!  Instead of a conventional movement system, you can move around by aiming your hands with the movement stick and propelling them in a direction to stick to a branch.

Can be played using keyboard or gamepad, but gamepad buttons might need to be configured on mac/linux

Made for Frog Jam

Gamepad / P1 Key / P2 Key

Aim: Left Stick / WASD / Arrows
Arm 1: Left Bumper / G / R Alt
Arm 2: Right Bumper / H / R Ctrl

Music from Patrick de Artega
Licensed under creative commons

Skyboxes from Open Game Art

Programmers: Sean Briggs and Vincent Miller
3D models and textures: Vincent Miller

Install instructions

Simply download the zip and run


Download 55 MB
Download 73 MB
Download 70 MB

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